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Youth Education Services

Youth Education Services (YES) sets opportunity youth on a trajectory to an accredited high school diploma or high school equivalency credential where traditional academic environments have failed.  The YES mission is to build each student’s capacity for achievement in post-secondary education, training and sustainable employment. Our seasoned staff emphasizes a unique one to one coaching model designed to individualize learning, increase academic resilience, boost personal persistence and empower success.

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High School Diploma Program 

Staff Directory

  • Diploma from Cathedral High School.  Cathedral High School is a highly regarded independent high school located in Boston’s South End. All courses are accredited and graduates receive a Cathedral High School Diploma.

  • 6:1 Student to Faculty ratio.  Small class size promotes individualized instruction to meet students where they are and cultivate understanding.

  • Graduate Sooner.  Credit hours are semester based.  In other words, students receive one full credit (64 hours of instruction) for a semester course versus one full credit per year in traditional academic settings.

  • Flexible Schedule.  Unlike traditional classroom settings, YES courses meet from 12:00pm to 4:30pm to better accommodate the working student and/or typical teenage schedule.

  • One to One Advisory. On enrollment, each student is assigned an advisor whose job it is to set student goals, to build a growth mindset, renew academic confidence, nurture collaborative problem solving and to otherwise maximize student potential to successful graduation and beyond.  Advisors are a source of support for students for at least one year post graduation and provide monthly check-ins.

  • College and Career Exploration.  Over 80% of enrolled students graduate and pursue sustainable employment, or enroll in college or career training. Students participate in skill and interest surveys, career exploration, professional networking, resume workshops and financial literacy instruction as well as Common App and FAFSA navigation.

  • Virtual classrooms.  YES delivers digital curriculum through Apex Learning Solutions to meet specialized credit requirements for eligible students.

  • Holistic Support Services. YES is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of the whole student by leveraging community connections with healthcare agencies, career centers, academic support services and community colleges.

  • Academic rigor. YES is an alternative to traditional high school but coursework is college and career preparatory.  

  • Graduation is Real.  Cap and Gown graduation ceremony each June. Issuance of Cathedral High School Diploma

  • Professional Learning Environment. Computer Lab, Secure Building, Student Lounge, Quiet Workspace

Program Administrator

Leslie Feeney

(617) 268-1912 ex. 384

Youth Services Case Manager

Adam Berndt

(617) 268-1912 ex. 253

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High School Equivalency and Post-Secondary Education Program 

HiSET (High School Equivalency Test), similar to General Equivalency Diploma (GED) is a nationally administered standardized test that allows students who have left high school prior to graduation to receive a recognized high school credential necessary for sustainable employment, college entrance, military enlistment, and trade school enrollment.  To find out more about the benefits of HiSET, click here

  • No Cost Test Preparation-Students gain knowledge in math, social studies, science, reading and writing as required for testing success.  However, significant emphasis is placed on unpacking the test and developing academic confidence through practice testing and building test taking strategy.  Additionally, students receive one to one support in registering for and scheduling tests.

  • Small Class Size With no more than 15 students per class, participants receive differentiated classroom instruction designed to meet the individualized needs of each student. For example, a student who has passed the Reading component will use instructional time to focus on the four remaining content areas.

  • Youth Focused YES recognizes the specific academic and social emotional needs of opportunity youth ages 16-24 who lack a high school credential but are motivated towards an alternative pathway to their future.

  • Convenient Schedule Classes meet every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 12-2pm to accommodate most work and family schedules.  

  • Convenient Location Notre Dame Education Center is easily accessible by public transportation and is located in close proximity to MBTA bus and train service.

  • Technology Integration HiSET is a computerized test.  As such, instruction actively integrates technology and students utilize the center’s computer lab for practice testing.

  • Next Steps Counseling YES students have full access to NDEC career assessment, resume preparation, career specific workshops, networking and information sessions with Career Coaches and in conjunction with NDEC partners in higher education, business, healthcare, and hospitality.

Support Services NDEC offers a wide array of services through our in-house workforce readiness programming including Medical Technology, Introduction to Health Care and Careers, Office Skills and Technology and Customer Service Training.  Students are encouraged to participate in all NDEC programs that further their career goals.

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