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Student Ambassadors

Working under the leadership of Manny Reynoso, NDEC Program Director, NDEC Ambassadors represent and promote the Center to prospective students, community members, agencies, and corporations.


Ambassadors are well-trained, well-informed leaders who eagerly share NDEC’s commitment to student representation through the telling of their personal stories.  These stories offer a glimpse into life as part of the NDEC community and offer a perspective on alternative adult education that leads to achieving college and career goals.


In addition to representing NDEC, Ambassadors maintain educational excellence and represent their own program of study:  High School Diploma Program, High School Equivalency, English for Speakers of Other Languages, and Workforce Development.  They know about the formation of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur and their two centuries of service, the congregation’s history in Boston, mission integration, NDEC’s history, and its current and future projects.  Ambassadors also conduct tours for NDEC visitors and prepare presentations for boards and groups.


As leaders inside and outside the school, Ambassadors perform 25 hours of volunteer civic and community service in the Greater Boston area.

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NDEC's Ambassadors are pictured here (from left to right):  Seipel Hussein, Ajeen Balata, Adama Bah, Sameerah Alkadhim, Amelia Illas, Olga Zuniga, Maribel Rodriguez, Laurinda Alves, Rosa Morel, Marc Orisma, and Anne Auguste.

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