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Lakiya Echols

According to an old saying, “When a door closes, a window opens.”  Lakiya Echols, a student in NDEC’s Youth Hi-SET program, has found that to be true.  She lost her job last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but found a renewed purpose at NDEC.


“I attended many different GED programs, but I never finished,” says Lakiya.  “But once I lost my job, I was determined to get my GED.  I was Googling programs when I came across NDEC.”  It was a perfect fit.  “My first day here,” she states, “I knew I was going to accomplish what I wanted to do.”

Lakiya began classes in July and will graduate in June.   Even though classes are being held remotely, she’s found a sense of community with her fellow students.  “My classmates are amazing,” she says.  “I enjoy being in class with them.” 

She’s also grown personally.  “I’ve learned to be patient and take my time.  More importantly, I’ve learned that I can accomplish anything.”


Lakiya has worked hard, and she thanks her teachers -- Leslie Feeney, Youth Education and Adult Education Services Program Manager; Adam Berndt, YES/AES Education Specialist; and Instructor Elaine Fallon – for everything they’ve taught her.  “They are amazing,” she says.  “They understand me and take the time to teach me everything I need to know.  I’ve learned a lot and I have so much more confidence in everything I do.”

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