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Notre Dame Education Center (NDEC) is undergoing facilities and program reconstruction.

Beginning in June, Notre Dame Education Center will be relocating for approximately two years and undergoing programmatic changes that will ensure a stronger financial position and an ability to serve the community for years to come. As we look forward to the development of a permanent home for NDEC at 200 Old Colony Avenue, we felt it important to review existing practices, financials and goals to ensure success for the future.

Deficits have been an ongoing matter for the board of directors and administration and we feel this is the best time to evaluate and make the necessary cuts to fine tune the organization. In the past we have had programs, not performance lead us. Now is the time to secure our future.

Smaller and better funded programs such as Youth Education Services and Workforce Readiness will continue with plans for future expansion. Upon review, these are the programs that have most directly impacted the residents of South Boston. Adult GED/HiSet classes are scheduled to continue, along with English for Micro-Entrepreneurs, a class that helps immigrants realize their dream of opening a business.

Presently The NDEC board of directors voted to suspend the current ESOL & ABE programs due to insufficient funding. This decision was not made lightly. It is our intention, with proper funding, to reinstate these types of programs. Summer 2019 programs are currently under development.

In two years the new space will be completed, but much will be needed to operate at optimum ability. The practical steps we take today will allow us to pursue funding and raise the necessary grants and contributions to run a quality education center in South Boston for years to come. The Notre Dame Education Center’s mission of education will continue.

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