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09/04/17: Closed for Labor Day

09/07/17: Fall Classes Begin

10/09/17: Closed for Columbus Day

11/10/17: Closed for Veterans Day

11/21/17: Heritage Day

11/22/17: Center Closes at Noon

11/23/17-11/24/17: Closed for Thanksgiving

12/20/17-01/03/18: Closed for School Vacation

01/15/18: Closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

01/24/18: High School Classes End

02/19/18-02/23/18: Closed for School Vacation

03/30/18: Closed for Good Friday

04/16/18-04/20/18: Closed for School Vacation

05/24/18: Story Hour

05/28/18: Closed for Memorial Day

06/13/18: High School Classes End

06/14/18: Graduation

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Notre Dame Education Center Calendar 

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